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The Association for Computing Machinery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham represents UAB's student branch for the nationwide ACM organization. ACM is a national society dedicated to advancing computating as a science and as a profession. Please browse the website for more information regarding UAB's ACM student organization.

About ACM

UAB's ACM is a student lead organization that brings together teachers, students and researchers and connects them with other ACM members worldwide. UAB's ACM is only a small part of a much larger global network of computing professionals. UAB's ACM hosts events such as hackathons, informational lectures and game nights for its members and any technology related individuals who would like to attend. UAB's ACM offers free tutoring services to anyone in the Computer and Information Sciences major, hosts an ongoing group chat for all ACM members, manages Github projects for all ACM members to contribute to and so much more. Here are some of UAB's ACM's goals:


Promote knowledge of the science, design, development, languages, and applications of modern computing technology.


Network professional, academic, and other groups of people having interests in computing machinery.


Provide a greater awareness of computing machinery and its applications at national and local levels.


Empower those with an interest in computing machinery and it's applications with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Events (Fall 2017 COMING VERY SOON)

Support yourself and ACM by coming to the awesome events hosted by ACM. These events range from fun and games to resume building and hacking competitions. Events are also a great way to meet other students and network.

Learn Linux (1/18/2017)(5pm - 7pm)

Don't know Linux but want to? Want to learn how to get started with a different OS? This event is for you. We will be going over the basics of the Linux command line and how to use it.

Social Event (2/1/2017)(5pm - 7pm)

Get ready for ACM game night fun. This event is based around all types of card games, both fun and competitive. Come relax, meet some new people, get some free food, and maybe even win some sweet prizes.

Resume Building Workshop (2/15/2017)(5pm - 7pm)

Think your resume could use some improvements? Terrified of job interviews? We’ve invited a few businesses from around Birmingham to come talk about what they look for on a resume and in the job interview. This is also a great way to meet a few companies around town looking to hire Computer Science students.

Hackathon (3/4/2017)(10am - 6pm)

Quick on your feet? Prove it. Come win prizes and show your classmates you’re the most creative, fastest thinking, and overall better competitor in this one day Hackathon.

Pinic (3/31/2017)(11am - 1pm)

Like free food? We do too. Come get free food and enjoy the weather outdoors with some games.

Meet the new executive committee (4/5/2017)(5pm - 7pm)

With finals approaching, let's take an hour to relieve some stress as we go out to socialize and have some fun with the new executive committee.


Tutoring is for classes included in the Computer and Information Sciences cirriculum. Tutoring is free to anyone currently taking any CIS classes. ACM members have full access to direct messaging to all of UAB's ACM tutors.

Executive Committee

Those who make the rules
and who also break the rules.

Bryan Arretteig


Bryan Arretteig

Hello! I'm Bryan Arretteig the Chair of ACM group here at UAB. I'm a Senior here at UAB pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Outside of school I work as a Software Developer working at High Cotton USA.

Ayushi Patel

Vice Chair

Ayushi Patel

Hi, I'm Ayushi Patel the Vice Chair of the UAB ACM. I'm a senior studying Computer Science at UAB. I'm an aspiring software engineer who is passionate about computer science and technology. In my spare time, I work on personal projects and help others learn more about computation.

Chandler Jones


Chandler Jones

Hi, I'm Chandler Jones, Secretary of UAB ACM. I'm a graduate student in Computer Science. I work as the Editor in Chief at the Kaleidoscope, UAB's school newspaper.

Sam Lazrak


Sam Lazrak

Hi, I am Sam Lazrak the treasurer of ACM. I am currently a junior studying computer science at UAB. In my free time I work on side projects.

Member Benefits

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  • Access to UAB's ACM group chat
  • Direct messaging to all tutors
  • Network with all ACM branches nationwide
  • New internship/job/research notifications
  • Access to all ongoing ACM Github projects
  • Much more

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